Drug Testing in Schools

Why test students?

Our youth is our future, lets invest in making sure they have the tools needed to succeed! When a school implements a random drug testing program it acts as a deterrent and gives students a reason to resist the peer pressure to use drugs. The program also helps identify students who have already started using drugs and allows for an early intervention so that treatment can be referred. Students who use drugs can harm themselves and their future, as well as the learning environment around them.

What makes us different from other testing companies?

Professionalism and accuracy is always expected, with Superior Screening Services you will receive just that and more! Most companies send one collector to the site the day of collection, at Superior Screening Services we send two. On the day of collection, we send one male and one female collector so the testing is always gender specific. With two collectors onsite, your testing gets done twice as fast, allowing less time away from class and more time for learning!

Scholarship Program

We want our youth to succeed, so we believe in paying it forward. Each school that participates in a drug testing program provided by Superior Screening Services we will award one scholarship to a qualifying graduate. It is that simple. Call for details on how your school can enjoy this great benefit.

Bus drivers?

No problem, we have that covered too. Save even more when you add them to your student testing program managed by Superior. Don’t test students? We can still help!

Here at Superior Screening Services, Inc. we believe in investing in our students. That’s why we have decided to offer a scholarship program available to students attending schools who participate in one of our drug testing programs. Contact us today for more information!